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There are many possibilities to take action with or for World Life Vision! Join us now!

We don't want to help only with your donations, you can be also an active part of World Life Vision by proposing us YOUR project or sponsorship-worthy concern and by choosing yourself the one out of our latest projects which you want to support.

With our wish to involve you, we want to go a new way of charitable work. For better projects, more closeness, more transparency and a lively cohesion of humans for humans.

Suggest us your project now or choose the one, you would like to support!

With a passive membership you can make a very important contribution to support our work and make it possible in the first place. Moreover, as a passive member you will be always regularly informed about all latest activities of World Life Vision and you can take part in special actions.

You can also become an active member and work with us together to find projects, build them up, supervise and accompany them. People who would like to support us with their voluntary commitment are always welcome, just contact us for more information!

With our service hotline and by e-mail we like to be available to answer all your questions concerning our Organization, our projects your membership and your donations.

We are looking forward to welcome you!Become a part of a strong community for a better and more human world of tomorrow!

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  World Life Vision e. V.
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For payments from other countries than Germany please use

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