About us

How is World Life Vision working? WE are one world. And because of that we need YOU!

To achieve as much as possible and to do our work as efficient as possible, we need most of all one thing: YOU! Because not we alone but all of you too should decide, where and whom should be helped und which project or people you want to support. And the more people participate, the more help can be given where it is needed.

It is our concept, to organize support and help with financing by donations where the need and the suffering is often not public or gets lost under the mass of serious global issues. That is why we need your help to find these projects and human beings which would be maybe ignored.

You can send us your ideas and suggestions what should be supported with the provided form for it. After a verification by us, how far your proposals are eligible and have chances for success we publish them together with the corresponding background information on our website, which will be released very soon.

The topics can be various. For example you can make proposals concerning environment and animal protection, children, teenager and family emergency relief, old people assistance, but also suggestions to help single people in need or art and cultural projects which benefit the community in general.

Beyond that, with a lot of members and sponsors of our organisation we can also support already existing long-time projects and establish own ones. To make this reality, we need your help too.

When we publish suitable projects and present them to the public in large, everybody can descide himself which project or person he would like to support. With a project number, your support reaches exactly there, where it should. Self-evidently, we will always document and publish how far the project succeeds.

It's our aim to build up a tight network between the ones who need help and their helpers. A network which brings people, no matter which culture or nation or race they belong to, close together and let them have a real feeling of WE. Because only a lived WE can really change something, preserve this world in which we all live and make it a better place. We ARE this world!!

You have a project which you would like to support or which you think is worthy to be supported? Then write us.

IMPORTANT: Transparency is our prime principle. That's why we will orientate ourselves towards the principles of the DZI Seal-of-Approval (http://www.dzi.de/dzi-institut/german-central-institute-for-social-issues/) and verify all projects for the correctness and the prospect of success. Because of that, we can only accept projects which are completely verifiable in all aspects and about which enough information can be given to us.