The history of World Life Vision

In August 2010, a little bit more than one year ago after the death of Michael Jackson, some people and fans gathered on Twitter, which were deeply impressed by the untireless charitable efforts he always did in his life, and they had the idea to establish an organisation which would unite the MJ fans all over the world to go on with what he had always done so humble: To fight for a better, and over all, much more loving world.

Although seeming impossible and crazy, this group even planned, maybe one day to buy the Neverland Ranch with many other fans together and to give the property the sense back, what they thought Michael would have wished for it the most: Being a place of encounter, of peace, of hope, of helping the poorest and weakest of society, and especially a place for children and teenagers, which could give them something what they don't have in their lifes: Happiness, fun and peace, but also many possibilities to help them in difficult situations.

With a lot of enthusiasm a Twitterpage and a homepage was created, on which the „Neverland-Project“ wasn't mentioned anymore because it seemed then too absurd, but both had the intention to see, how big would be the interest of the fans to really take action and do something for making the world a better and more loving place, which would have been surely in Michael's sense. The "TheLivingTrees" - Project was born.

First huge disappointments followed. The expected interest wasn't there, the project was often viewed with mistrust, despite of all openness. Unreasonable attacks and hostilities by other Twitter users followed too, even when the only aim at this time was, to built up a interested and loyal Fan community which would be ready to go on with Michael's dreams.

Some of the initial founding members left the group, partly because of personal reasons, partly because it was too exhausting for them to go on after those first defeats and to see the whole thing not only as a possibility, but as something which could really become reality.

But against all oppositions, the vision and the idea remained and changed until mid 2011 to a serious attempt to establish an international working non-profit organisation, which was not longer a fan project anymore but a concern directly from the heart of the involved people.

In long meetings and talks new plans were made and ideas became concrete. Many new people jointed the idea and the group, who supported the basic principles of the planned organisation and who were excited to make it real. „TheLivingTrees“ became „World Life Vision“.

In September 2011, first contacts were made with a lawyers' office in Chemnitz, Germany, to work out suitable statutes for the organisation and to let become our vision finally reality.

Furthermore, we worked on the main aspects of the work we want to do in the future und first contacts were approached to find projects which we could present and implement successfully after our foundation.

On March, 28th 2012 the general meeting of the founding members took place in Chemnitz to sign the final statutes of our organisation and May, 9th 2012 „World Life Vision“ has been registered by court as a legal organisation unter the registration number VR2777.

Our inspiration has never left us as well as our dream, to help to make this world a better and more ruled by love place by concrete and direct help in a global community of people for people. This was always our accompaniment.

We hope, that we can inspire many other people to accompany us on our way and to support our ideas and aims, so that our planet and our children will have a future and this world can become a little bit more human again.