Today we live in a world which becomes more and more chaotic. Daily, we are confronted with news about disasters, riots, famines, wars and economic declines all around the globe. Every single day, negative events happen everywhere in the world which nobody seems to get under control.

Also every day, many people are working for countless charity organisations and try everywhere in the world to relieve the worst need, to contribute reconstruction or to fight for human rights and nature conservation. Many people donate every year millions to support these organisations who do a wonderful and excellent work for our planet.

Unfortunately, in despite of all our efforts, we often lose out of sight that it will be the following generations who will benefit of this untiring fight for a better world. And it will lay in their responsibility to live a peaceful, human togetherness and to maintain it. In their hands it will lay, to act responsible with nature and her resources and to be responsible with other people too.

Many of these children and teenagers, who are growing up particularly in the industrial nations now and in the following years, will be those which determine the future picture of our world. They will become the future „Global players“, they will become politicians, military men and women, economists, managers and scientists, they will become people who will work in responsible positions in all areas of our society and they will form it decisively.

Unfortunately, many, too many of these children and teenagers are growing up in a society which dehumanises itself more and more, in which there seem to be less and less space for their miseries and worries, but also for their needs and responsible education.

They are growing up in a society, in which they are confronted every single day with the fact that for poor, weak and disadvantaged people there is no place in our „nice ideal world“ and that one can often get through only with egoism, dishonesty, indifference and violence to be able to exist. They often will not be taught to be affectionate, loving and responsible and to esteem our earth with her multiplicity and her amazing living beings, but they learn that one comes through by being ruthless and trying to get as much as possible from the "cake" for themselves without thinking about the consequences for the humanity.

Often we, who are living in the "rich" countries of this earth, think that misery is always far away. In the disaster areas, in the Third World or in the regions which have to suffer from brutal dictatorships or war. And we are not able anymore to see the deep need which surrounds us everywhere directly and which causes, that responsible, affectionate and comprehensive action is nearly impossible for the people who are affected by those sufferings.

We of WorldLifeVision would like to help where the need is unfortunately too often not obvious, not public enough and mostly not seen, ignored, not known at all or even supposed at least. Our main focus shall lie most of all in the support of families, children and teenagers, but also old and ill people who often enough have a lack of the bare necessities or which are in very difficult life situations.

We would like to give every project which we support his own face and his own history to bring the affected people and their fate closer to the people who would like to make a donation for them and help them. Also single facilities and already existing initiatives which are in need of support we would like to support with our work to give them the possibility to provide on their part the best possible help they can.

Our aim is to construct a global network of people for people which provides direct, individual and effective help for humans who are in need and which offers furthermore the possibility to improve their living conditions.

Above all, the single person should always be in the foreground in all his life aspects. Only the people who experience affection, love and help are able to transmit this also and to live it themselves too.

We think, to stand for this with all our strength and to work for it, is one of the most important and most valuable investments in the future of our planet.