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The Mothers Aura Foundation is founded by Mr. Nelson Kweku Danso, who is working as a   Headteacher at Onakwase D/A Junior High School at a small village called Onakwase in Ghana. Onakwase is a small farming community in the Ayensuano District in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The  community has a very high poverty rate and there is a an urgent  need to improve education as a way to alleviate poverty.

As a professional teacher, Mr. Nelson Kweku Danso saw the need to help the children with seriously improving the possibilities of education. Since the organization was founded, they had already realized many charity projects and they are going to continue with a lot of enthusiasm. Mr Danso had won several international recognitions and acknowlegements. Over 700 children has already benefitted from him and his foundation.

As there is an urgent need to improve educational infrastructure, a KINDERGARTEN is the first step. The "Mothers Aura Foundation" had now started to build a modern Kindergarten with all child friendly facilities with donations and supporters from all over the world. The construction has already started.


"Old" Kindergarten and starting the construction of the new one



A lot of work to do






The KINDERGARTEN in honor of Michael Jackson is a really "at heart" project of Mr. Danso and it is also backed up and highly supported by Mr. Robert Swinson, Michael Jackson's "Maker of Dreams", who once built the amusement park at Neverland and wrote an amazing book about this wonderful time and experiences in his life. In honor of his former friend he also founded a charity called "PayMichaelForward" himself this Year.


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The  Mothers Aura Foundation has a 5-member Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer, Project Coordinator, Secretary, five office staff, a driver and 20 volunteers.

It is registered in Ghana as a Non-Governmental Organization to support children with educational projects and other programs. For more information you can visit the following Links:

Mothers AURA Foundation on Facebook

Mr. Nelson Kweku Danso on Facebook

Homepage Mothers AURA Foundation Ghana

If you like to support the Mothers AURA Foundation, especially the KINDERGARTEN Project, you can send a donation to:

Donation account

  World Life Vision e. V.
account number 4740084
bank code 830 654 10
bank Deutsche Skatbank

For payments from other countries than Germany please use

IBAN DE68 83065410 0004740084

All donations will be forwarded to Mr. Nelson Kweku Denso and Mothers Aura

Donate online by PayPal:

Don't forget the reference project name: "Mothers Aura"