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Here you find our actual and our completed projects. If you want to support a specific project, you can use the donation possibilities beneath the project description. Simply click on the project name to see more information about the project!

Grain Mill Congo

Reconstruction of the grain mill
A project of CFI Internationale Kinderhilfe Deutschland gGmbH
(The project is completed)

Aurela Aurela suffers from acute myelotic leukemia. If she don't get a bone marrow transplantation very soon, she will die. Help us to safe her life!
Rhonda Since 2009, Rhonda became very sick and lives in a very bad domestic situation. Her condition worsens steadily and she have to fear to be on the street one day. Often she don't have the money for the basic needs.
(The project is completed)
Jaroslav Jaroslav suffers from a form of aplastic leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplantation. Therefore, some important examinations are needed to get sure that a further treatment and to heal him is possible.
(The project is completed)
Save Neverland The Neverland Ranch is for sale now. We want to support it, that the ranch can be rebuilt as a worldwide unique social community project.
Life for Justice Since many Years, Mr. William Wagener is fighting for justice and produces two TV shows on his own costs to make people think and to fight against corruption and war.
Mothers AURA Foundation Ghana As there is an urgent need to improve educational infrastructure, a KINDERGARTEN is the first step. The "Mothers Aura Foundation" had now started to build a modern Kindergarten with all child friendly facilities with donations and supporters from all over the world.