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Here you can propose a project which you think should be supported by World Life Vision e. V. Please consider, that it should be a charitable, sozial or humanitarian project. This might be a project to help children, old people, teenagers or families, or a project concerning nature and animal protection as well as projects which supports single persons in urgent need for help.

We also support long-term projects as social facilities, welfare food kitchens, facilities for children and youth help, emergency care facilities, animal shelters and long-term environment- and nature protection projects.

We will not accept donation requests for private needs (luxury goods etc. ) or for needs which were caused by personal negligence (e.g. prodigality or egoism). This does not correspond with the goals and aims of our organization and should be solved private or by other institutions.

After we have received your project suggestion we will examine it for eligibility and whether the project corresponds to the statutory goals of World Life Vision e. V. For this we will also contact you personally to get further information about your proposal.

Please appreciate, that we can not work on every project suggestion immediately sometimes (this depends on the number of incoming proposals and the associated amount of work) and that we will set priorities by urgency. But you will get a response by us in any case!

When your project has been checked and approved, we will present it on our Webpage for collecting donations and possibly non-cash benefits for your project or to procure voluntary helpers for you. All donations will go at first to our organization and will then transmitted to you.

Important: We will retain an amount of 10 – 20 % of all received donations, according to the current administration effort. This is, in accordance to the „Deutsche Zentralinstitut für soziale Fragen“ (DZI) appropriate and necessary in order that we can do our work effectively and responsible anyway.

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