Sustaining Membership

All people who want regularly to support World Life Vision e. V. financially, are passive members. They make our work possible in the first place. Only by their support we can do our work effectively and achieve as much as possible. Only through sponsoring and donations we are able to do inquiries, public relations, to realize bigger and smaller projects and to pay for different actions and staff. With the steady donations of our passive members we get the possibilities to take action in many areas, especially there, where the necessity is not so obvious but where is nevertheless an urgent call for action.

We want to stand up and really do and move something for all the people who live in this world, also for the forgotten ones! Join us now and become a member of World Life Vision e. V. and help us to make our dream come true to make the world a better place!

Passive membership application

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Amount of contribution

Generally it is on you how much you want to donate. The minimal yearly membership subscription amounts to 25 Euro, naturally upwards there is no limitation. When you can give the proof of a low income (E.g. as a student, pensioner or welfare recipient) a reduced membership subscription of 15 Euro yearly is possible.

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